At present Krüger & Gothe Ltd. has about 194 employees who all help to ensure that the business processes run smoothly and efficiently. We have a wide range of machinery comprising all of the latest production technologies. The company is designed for shift operation with a maximum of four shifts so that we can adapt capacities as needed.

In 2016 we completed some 3,800 orders placed by about 80 active customers generating a total turnover of approx. 36.4 million Euros. The SMD-assembly has a capacity of about 4.5 million components a day.

German as well as international customers come from the automotive, railway, industrial, medical aviation and aerospace sectors. We have all the necessary certificates to comply with their demands.

Our flat organizational hierarchy forms the basis for providing a reasonably priced and efficient electronics service.

Details - at a glance
  • Automatic SMD & THT assembly for small, medium and large volumes
  • Manual assembly (single workplaces and assembly conveyors)
  • Reflow und wave soldering processes (unleaded and leaded)
  • Qualified visual inspection
  • Testing using AOI systems
  • Painting and grouting
  • Underfill - process
  • In-circuit-tests
  • Production guidelines according to IPC-A-610 and various other norms
  • Boundary scans
  • Functional tests
  • High voltage tests
  • Device construction and assembly
  • Laser inscription
  • Traceability
  • Express completion of production orders
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