Our staff matters. Only by succeeding in attracting qualified team-minded people to work in highly efficient processes, Krüger & Gothe meets the high demands of our customers.

As a growing company we are always looking for new qualified and talented staff members. Our management welcomes all applications to job openings, as well as unsolicited applications.

HR management und HR development are a long-term challenge and a responsibility that requires permanent attention.

Many of our employees have a background in professions other than the electronics sector but that is no obstacle to landing a job with us because there are positions where you can learn all you need to know as long as you have talent and show commitment. However, having a basic technical understanding and the ability to work diligently are indispensable prerequisites.

Naturally we also offer apprenticeships in technical and commercial vocations. In addition, every year Krüger & Gothe offers college and university students an opportunity to gather experience as traineesdo an internships with us or even write their final thesis at our company. Experienced staff members who regularly teach at local colleges and universities act as mentors.

If you are interested in working with Krüger & Gothe Ltd., a medium-sized electronics company, please post or e-mail your detailed application to

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