Material preparation

In addition to production and a host of other functions, material management is another key aspect of Krüger & Gothe’s range of services. Due to the high relevance of costs and highly dynamic markets, it no longer fulfills in today’s business world to offer customers traditional procurement services only. Krüger & Gothe Ltd. responded to this trend by establishing a material management system that is unusually efficient for a medium-sized company.

Our ERP system is the very heart of our material management system. It offers exceptional performance features enabling us to process the multitude of steps and incidences quickly and reliably. We also use complex logistics concepts such as suppliers’ consignment warehouses to ensure availability.

Our complex material management system is geared toward global procurement, which means we can use the European and Asian procurement market whenever commercial, technological and quality requirements call for us to do so. It goes without saying that we only use manufacturers that satisfy our customers’ requirements.

Our experienced procurement experts will also consult with you to ensure that our expertise enhances your product development as early as possible.

Material preparation - at a glance
  • Individual orders
  • Blanket orders with rolling forecast
  • Sample orders
  • Express service
  • Electronic link to suppliers
  • Consignment warehouses
  • Buffer stocks
  • Evaluating, qualifying and developing suppliers
  • Auditing suppliers
  • Calculating materials for quotes
  • Presenting alternative manufacturers
  • Managing last time buys
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