Order Management

Order management is a key service of our portfolio. By assigning a customer to a key account manager we guarantee a “one face to the customer” approach. We strive to ensure that our clients have a specific person they can contact with regard to their order.

Our order management assesses customer orders and performs a feasibility analysis to determine if the delivery date desired by the client and the quantities required are realistic. Once past the assessment stage, we will integrate the order into our organizational structure. If we cannot fully satisfy a customer’s requirements we will work out realistic solutions together with the client that closely resemble his original requirements. Customers receive an order confirmation on request to document agreements made.

We use qualified processes supported by a powerful interdepartmental ERP system to handle the wide range of customer orders. If necessary we will find tailor-made solutions together with our customers and implement them.

Until the product is finally delivered, our order management will monitor the progress and the timely execution of the order.

Order Management - at a glance
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