Krüger & Gothe’s production has a volume unusual for a company its size. We can produce small quantities just as easily as medium or large quantities on a total of five SMD lines. In addition to our SMD expertise we have numerous machines and technologies available to cater to the whole spectrum of high-end electronics manufacturing. For customers needing older technologies, we also have automatic THT assembly lines and manual assembly workplaces.

If required we can also custom-design production equipment for cost-efficient production processes. This special feature and tailor-made solutions are already used in complex automotive products.

To ensure top quality the product undergo electrical tests. Testing programs and designs are all “made by Krüger & Gothe GmbH” if not provided by the customer.

Production - at a glance
  • Four state-of-the-art SMD lines
  • One SMD line for samples and small series
  • Various reflow and wave soldering machines – for leaded and ROHS compatible processes
  • Manual assembly
  • Unit assembly
  • Burn-in
  • Air conditioning and climate change equipment
  • Endurance/stress testing equipment
  • Range of testing instruments (AOI systems, in-circuit-test, isolation test, functional test, boundary scan, final test equipment)
  • Customer-specific automatic production plants
  • Automatic assembly units for THT components
  • Grouting and painting equipment
  • Rework stations for µBGA
  • Component washing plants (ultrasonic cleaning & spray washing)
  • Laser inscription cells
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