Work Planning and Preparation

In our company, work planning and preparation has a technical and a commercial sideHighly professional engineers with a high experience are the main points of contact for customers for all product-specific issues. We process customer inquiriesprepare quotes and offers and create conditions for a flawless production process after the order has been placed. Here, our powerful ERP system comes into play to store parts lists, work plans and drawings.

New manufacturing concepts and technologies are equally conceived, planned and incorporated in the work planning until the series’ maturity and release. From there the production team takes over.

In the case of joint product development projects or complex projects, i.g. when entire product packages are outsourced, the work preparation team uses a comprehensive project management approach to coordinate the various jobs and responsibilities.

Work Planning and Preparation - at a glance
  • Technical and commercial contacts
  • Calculating quotes
  • Preparing quotes and offers
  • Qualifying new manufacturing technologies
  • Project management
  • Developing manufacturing concepts
  • Creating parts lists and work plans
  • Continuous production optimization
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