Circuit Board Design

Circuit board design, with a wide spectrum of applications, is part and parcel of our electronics development service. This means if necessary our customers are happy to use this service when their own capacities are insufficient. They can rely on our long-standing and rich experiences. These development projects typically consist of complete new developments or partial developments or up-coming redevelopments of existing products to bring their systems up-to-date with the latest technology or specification changes (last time buy). Experience from various departments such as ManufacturingQuality Assurance and Materials Management also flows into all these development projects.

Circuit Board Design - at a glance
  • Experience with various technologies
  • Microcontroller know-how
  • Adherence to EMC guidelines
  • Attention to ESD protection issues
  • Heat management
  • Consideration of production-related aspects
  • Allowance for testing designs
  • Strategic selection of materials and manufacturers
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