As an electronic manufacturing service provider we make sure that our employees take their responsibility for quality vis-à-vis our customers very seriously. That is why quality is the core of all our business processes. In order to bring this quality approach to life, all employees, regardless of whether they work in a technical or non-technical department, are responsible for implementing our corporate quality strategy. For us, it is the only way to meet the high standard “made in Germany”. To continue advancing our high standards, our company regularly undergoes customer and certification audits.The results from these audits are incorporated into optimization processes. In addition, continuous improvement is an essential element of our corporate culture.

Our company’s quality management system has been successfully certified according to the following norms. These certifications are updated in regular intervals.

We additionally assure production quality by complying with various IPC norms. Our employees regularly attend training courses and take exams (CIS). In this respect we closely collaborate with the FED (Professional Association of Electronic Design – Fachverband Elektronik-Design e.V.) and other experienced companies.

IPC norm structure of a component manufacturing process

Use and image courtesy of the Association of Electronic Design (German: FED e.V.)
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