PCB Design

Printed circuit board design has been an integral part of Krüger & Gothe’s electronic product development for many years. Our customers make use of this traditional service to optimize existing layouts or to develop a totally new product. Upon request, our experts can optimize a customer’s available Gerber data to ensure the flawless production of raw PCBs or a seamless manufacturing and testing procesat a later stage. Each new product development by Krüger & Gothe Ltd. involves this optimizing service as a standard.

PCB Design - at a glance
  • Design according to IPC standards
  • Redesign, e.g. THT in SMD technologies
  • Data processing according to common norms and standards
  • Use of standard component databases
  • Production-optimized design
  • Allowance for testing designs
  • All-inclusive cost optimization
  • Complete document management
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