The versatility of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH extends over important branches of the economy. We serve customers worldwide in the automotive, industrial electronics, railway technology, aviation, medical technology and optical systems sectors.



Located in the heart of Germany and in the Shanghai area, we and our subsidiary are predestined as an EMS service provider for the automotive industry. The certification according to IATF 16949 makes us an important partner for many well-known automotive suppliers. Our decades of experience in the development and production of electronic assemblies guarantees you innovative solutions of the highest quality and reliability. Delivery just in time and just in budget are our claim and form the foundation of our trade in this business sector. Our two locations, which have the same production facilities, guarantee the fastest possible delivery of all components. Our automotive industry technologists are constantly working to perfect their products.



In the field of industrial electronics Krüger & Gothe GmbH can cover a very broad field. For example we produce drive electronics for servo motors, assemblies for machine tools

but also components for control cabinets, to name but a few products. Furthermore we serve the areas of measurement, signal and storage technology as well as sensor technology.



A sector such as railway technology is moving ever further into focus due to the current climate debates. Krüger & Gothe GmbH mainly manufactures assemblies for stationary technology as well as for

for mobile applications. We also manufacture components for switchgear cabinets, as well as components for signalling and voice technology and train radio.



One industry where we would like to grow further is aviation. Here we have already been able to supply components for engine control systems and assemblies for test engineering.

Our innovative technologies could give new impetus to the industry, which is in a state of transition due to climate policy.



More up-to-date than ever Krüger & Gothe GmbH supplies electronic components for e.g. respirators. Furthermore we are manufacturer of electronics for laboratory technology. Also to the portfolio in the area
Medical technology includes components for dosing technology.



The field of optical systems is a constantly growing industry with high demands on accuracy and reliability. The possible applications are versatile and varied, whether in camera systems for autonomous driving, agricultural technology or even the modern mobile phone world. Optical systems are an integral part of our modern world and still offer many possibilities to improve devices and systems. Therefore the Krüger & Gothe GmbH has a very good understanding for the production, assembly and also development of these systems.