Electronics development

The Krüger & Gothe GmbH is specialized in producing complex electronic products in small, medium and large series. From order management and material procurement to complete production, including comprehensive testing, the company covers the needs of its customers. Many years of experience in all segments of activity form the basis for this. 



The Circuit Design for different applications is an integral part of the electronic development service of Krüger & Gothe GmbH. The customers use this service, if own capacities are not sufficiently available. The customers can rely on the long and extensive experience of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH. These development projects are either complete New developments respectively 

partial developments or for pending Redevelopments of existing products. This may be necessary if specifications or technologies are to be changed (e.g. THT in SMD) or if used components are discontinued (last time buy). In all development work of the company also the Experience from different specialist areas, such as Manufacturing, the Quality assurance and the Materials Management of the company.



The Printed circuit board design is a long-standing component of the development service management of Krüger & Gothe GmbH. This proven service is very often used by customers for Optimization of existing layouts or for completely new developments. Existing Gerber data of the customers can be used by the experts of Krüger & Gothe GmbH optimized to be faultless production of the raw printed circuit boards to ensure or the optimal later manufacturing and testing process of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH. With each new development by the Krüger & Gothe GmbH this optimization takes place according to standard.



The goal of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH is perfect and functional products to the customers. Since this claim cannot be sufficiently secured by a mere visual inspection, Krüger & Gothe GmbH comprehensive test know-how built up. The company integrates this know-how into all development services or designs specific solutions for finished products to be produced in the company. Naturally, the solutions are closely coordinated with the customer so that the customer's needs can be fully met.



The strategic objective of the Kruger & Gothe GmbH is to treat the customer as System supplier to be able to offer everything from one source. This also requires specific know-how in the field of mechanical Construction. This allows customers to relieve the tight capacities of their design departments, if required. Because this work, including circuit board design, is offered from a single source, a flawless interaction the electrical and mechanical requirements. As with all development services, this work requires a good interaction between the customer and the experts of Krüger & Gothe GmbH.



Some of the customers of Kruger & Gothe GmbH follows the strategy, "all from one source" from your trusted electronic service provider (EMS). Therefore, these customers commission the company to finally validate products that have been previously developed. This work requires a high level of product know-how and a sense of responsibility in order not to jeopardise the later market success of the product. Of course, this work is carried out in close cooperation with the customers and, if necessary, also under Involvement of experts from universitieswith whom the Krüger & Gothe GmbH has been working together intensively for years.



A comprehensive cost analysis of each product is created in the development phase. Therefore, it makes sense to already create the Know-how of succession processes into the process. For this reason the Krüger & Gothe GmbH offers its customers qualified development support on.
The company's experts support the customers' developers and thus contribute their comprehensive electronics know-how. This ensures that after completion of the development no unnecessary follow-up costs by the Material procurement, production or quality assurance arise. With this concept, the course for a cost-effective and successful product put.