As electronic service provider (EMS) all employees of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH take Responsibility for quality very serious for the customers. Therefore, quality is the Center of all business processes. In order to ensure this quality standard, all employees in the technical and non-technical areas are responsible for the realization of the company quality. Only in this way is it possible to maintain the standard  "Made in Germany" holistic and all-encompassing. In order to continuously develop this high standard, the company undergoes regular Certification and customer audits. In addition to that Krüger & Gothe GmbH has established the process of continuous improvement in its company culture.

The company's quality management system has been successfully certified according to the listed standards. The certifications are updated at regular intervals.

A further component of the Production quality will be published on the comprehensive Standard specifications of the IPC is regulated. The employees of the Krüger & Gothe GmbH are regularly trained and undergo neutral examinations (CIS). Here the company works closely with the FED (professional association for electronic design) and other qualified companies together.